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Doug’s re­port card

There was good news and bad news: he’s fat­ter than he should be, but un­der that flab, a body­builder is strug­gling to get out.

Body fat per­cent­age: 42.2. That’s bad. It should be be­tween 18 and 24.

Vis­ceral fat: 8.15 pounds. That’s bad. It should be closer to two.

Bone den­sity: 92nd per­centile. That’s good. Low risk of os­teo­poro­sis.

Rel­a­tive skele­tal mus­cle in­dex: 10.22. That’s good. Av­er­age for a man is eight to nine.

RMR test: Nor­mal me­tab­o­lism for a guy his size. He would burn 2,534 calo­ries if he spent an en­tire day in bed.

Fit3D body im­age: He has a body shape rat­ing of

14. That’s bad. It’s scored on a 0-100 range, and 50 is av­er­age.

Price list

Here’s what it costs to un­dergo the high-tech tests at Body Mea­sure:

Sin­gle scans

1) Dexa scan — $139

2) Rest­ing meta­bolic rate (RMR) test — $139

3) Fit3D body im­age — $39


Pack­age 1: one Dexa, one RMR — $210 Pack­age 2: one Dexa, one RMR, one Fit3D — $249 Pack­age 3: three Dexa — $299

There are other op­tions, in­clud­ing the gold pack­age, which in­cludes six Dexa scans, six Fit3D im­ages and two RMR tests for $649. Find more in­for­ma­tion at bodymea­sure.ca.

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