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It is be­yond com­pre­hen­sion that a sup­posed leader of this coun­try would choose to side with a con­victed child killer over the wishes of a mur­dered lit­tle girl’s fam­ily. This was a com­plete no-brainer of a de­ci­sion. All the spine­less Lib­eral elit­ist (the Koka­nee Groper) had to do was ad­mit that this child killer, serv­ing a life sen­tence, should be put back be­hind bars in­stead of go­ing for leisurely walks around a Sweat Lodge that has chil­dren oc­cu­py­ing some of the rooms. It would have done a world of good for the mur­dered girl’s fam­ily and shown them some re­spect. In­stead, what we got was an­other dis­play of ig­no­rance, ar­ro­gance and more self-right­eous We-lib­eral-elit­ists-are-never-wrong at­ti­tude from this man. It takes a real man to ad­mit that mis­takes were made and cor­rec­tive ac­tions will be taken. In­stead, our sup­posed leader ran out the back door and prob­a­bly hid in a closet some­where be­fore the vote. The ac­tions and words spo­ken by him and his min­is­ter Ralph Goodale, who didn’t even show enough courage to call this a mur­der but in­stead called it “ir­reg­u­lar prac­tices” is ab­so­lutely dis­gust­ing. This coun­try de­serves bet­ter from its lead­er­ship.

ROD DE LAROQUE Canada has an ir­reg­u­lar gov­ern­ment right now.

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