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Nutri­tion Against the grain

IN HIS new book Un­doc­tored: How You Can Seize Con­trol of Your Health and Be­come Smarter Than Your Doc­tor, Dr. Wil­liam Davis is tak­ing aim at his own ilk. “If health care ac­tu­ally doled out health and you came away from the doc­tor’s of­fice [say­ing], ‘He told me some things I didn’t know,’ and you be­come slen­der and healthy and felt 10 years younger, then the doc­tor did his job.”

Davis says most doc­tors have a trig­ger fin­ger for rev­enue-gen­er­at­ing pro­ce­dures and phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals. As a car­di­ol­o­gist, he took flak from health in­sur­ers for not fol­low­ing suit. Rather, he helped pa­tients ad­dress diet, nu­tri­tional de­fi­cien­cies and meta­bolic dis­or­ders such as high blood sugar. When treated with that pro­to­col, “It was a rare oc­ca­sion where some health con­di­tion per­sisted,” he says.

In Un­doc­tored, he gives read­ers a six-step strat­egy to re­verse chronic con­di­tions with diet. Step 1: go grain­free. Read­ers fa­mil­iar with Davis’s first book, the in­ter­na­tional best­seller Wheat Belly, won’t be sur­prised. Aside from los­ing the tell­tale ab­dom­i­nal paunch, he lists in­flam­ma­tion, some va­ri­eties of dis­rupted hor­mones, most cases of acid re­flux, mi­graines, skin con­di­tions and binge eat­ing as things it can ame­lio­rate.

Davis is Amer­i­can, and his ex­pe­ri­ence is with the multi-tril­lion dol­lar sys­tem south of the bor­der. But, in the Un­doc­tored fore­word, he makes the point that even though Canada’s sys­tem is uni­ver­sal, it’s also in our in­ter­est to re­duce cost since each of us kicks in about $6,300 a year by way of taxes to fund it. No mat­ter which side of the bor­der, he wants ev­ery­one to get out from un­der the “mon­e­ti­za­tion of health care.”

But back to grains, the trou­ble is an­cient his­tory, Davis says. An­thro­pol­o­gists have re­ported de­clines in health af­ter hu­mans be­gan grow­ing them. More than 10,000 years later, ge­netic mod­i­fi­ca­tions made to wheat and corn, for in­stance, have made mat­ters worse. Al­though non-wheat grains con­tain fewer “toxic, in­di­gestible” proteins, all grains are a source of blood sugar-spik­ing car­bo­hy­drates. And be wary of the gluten-free move­ment: he warns that sub­sti­tutes used in the pro­tein’s stead can be as bad, just in dif­fer­ent ways.

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