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* If you must, choose wheat- and bar­ley-free brews and, al­though Bud Light con­tains bar­ley malt, it’s made mainly of rice, still a grain but one of the less prob­lem­atic

Go­ing Un­doc­tored also in­cludes eat­ing real whole foods, lim­it­ing net carbs to 15 grams per meal, em­brac­ing fat, not count­ing calo­ries and choos­ing the right li­ba­tion. Corn­starch, as an ex­am­ple, raises blood sugar higher than any other food, which can con­trib­ute to in­sulin spikes, weight gain and hy­per­ten­sion.

Grains are also in Davis’s crosshairs for one of the de­fi­cien­cies he de­tails how to iden­tify and cor­rect. “Al­most all mag­ne­sium ab­sorp­tion is blocked by the phy­tates (anti-nu­tri­ents) of grains. You take grains out, ab­sorp­tion in­creases but [the de­fi­ciency is] so pro­found, so lon­glast­ing, that you’re bet­ter off sup­ple­ment­ing.”

As he notes in the book, mag­ne­sium de­fi­ciency has been linked to high blood pres­sure, high or er­ratic blood sugar, a higher risk of heart at­tack, os­teo­poro­sis, mus­cle cramps, mi­graines and con­sti­pa­tion. He rec­om­mends 400 to 500 mil­ligrams a day in the fol­low­ing forms: mag­ne­sium malate, con­ve­niently avail­able in tablet or cap­sule; mag­ne­sium bi­car­bon­ate, which must be mixed with water but highly ab­sorbable so worth the ex­tra ef­fort; or mag­ne­sium cit­rate for a mod­est lax­a­tive ef­fect. (Vi­ta­mins D and B-12 as well as io­dine, omega-3, zinc, iron and fo­late round out his hit list.)

From acne to ul­cer­a­tive col­i­tis, Davis listed no less than 67 ail­ments that can be ad­dressed by his ap­proach. Hop­ing to prove its merit, he’s cre­ated Un­doc­tored Connect (at un­doc­ for read­ers to record their progress after 60, 90 and 180 days. He ex­pects them to feel bet­ter but does he really want them to ditch their doc­tor? No, but he wants the re­la­tion­ship to change.

“I want them to col­lab­o­rate with the doc­tor,” Davis ex­plains. “So if the doc­tor hands you a pre­scrip­tion, you’re go­ing to say, ‘I’m go­ing to in­ves­ti­gate this first.’” Doc­tor’s or­ders.




Wheat flour

Whisky, bour­bon, beer*


Zuc­chini, spi­ral cut

Cauliflower, riced

Al­mond flour

Gin, rum (un­flavoured), vodka (un­flavoured, potato- or grape-dis­tilled), dry red or white wine For Davis’s all-pur­pose bak­ing mix, go to www.ev­ery­thing­ recipe-all-pur­pose-bak­ing-mix

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