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In “Giv­ing Up the Keys” [Novem­ber], there is a state­ment that On­tario has a par­tic­u­larly rig­or­ous reg­u­la­tion on the li­cens­ing of el­derly driv­ers. I can only as­sume that you have not at­tended a ses­sion re­cently for 80-year-olds in On­tario.

True, they used to be quite thor­ough. We had a writ­ten test with the ques­tions cover­ing not only the rules of the road and sig­nage but de­tails about kid­dies’ car seats. We re­ally had to study and be well pre­pared. There was a de­tailed lec­ture and Q & A pe­riod, along with vi­sion tests. Anyone look­ing un­steady or a bit de­crepit had to have a driving test.

Re­cently, though, the writ­ten test has been omit­ted. A “cog­ni­tive test” has been added, in­volv­ing draw­ing a clock face and plac­ing the two hands at “10 to two.” The lec­ture has been re­duced. No prepa­ra­tion is needed.

The rest of the ar­ti­cle and its self-reg­u­lat­ing ad­vice were fine. — Don Chut­ter, via email

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