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Writer Alex Prud’homme helped his great aunt, Ju­lia Child, write her 2006 mem­oir, My Life in France, and, later, penned The French Chef in Amer­ica: Ju­lia Child’s Sec­ond Act. So I had to know – did Ju­lia Child ever make a meal for him that wasn’t quite to his tastes? ALEX PRUD’HOMME: Oh, yeah, sure. One thing about Ju­lia was she would throw to­gether th­ese din­ner par­ties in Cam­bridge, and you’d never know who was go­ing to be there. So the first time I brought my then­girl­friend, now-wife [Sarah], she had this din­ner party, which must’ve been at least 15 peo­ple, and to my right was a fa­mous chef and to my left was a woman who Ju­lia had lit­er­ally just met in the gas sta­tion! That night she had kind of a bizarre menu be­cause she was ex­per­i­ment­ing with recipes. We had a Smith­field ham, which is a very salty, pre­served ham, with some brioche or some­thing. It just wasn’t a nat­u­ral fit. And then as­para­gus that had been burnt a lit­tle bit. And she in­sisted that we all eat the as­para­gus with our fin­gers. And it was kind of a hi­lar­i­ous meal. We stayed up eat­ing and talk­ing and drink­ing and went to bed at two in the morn­ing. At six o’clock, we hear this thump, thump, thump com­ing from down­stairs and went down to see what it was. It was Ju­lia on her cross­coun­try ex­er­cise trainer af­ter only four hours of sleep. And I said to Sarah, “Wel­come to Ju­lia. This is what it’s all about.” —MC

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