Feasibility Analysis on Practical Application of Virtual Events Method in Predicting Seismic Interbed Multiples

LIU Lu1, HU Tianyue1,†, AN Shengpei1, WU Jing2

ACTA Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Pekinensis - - Contents -

1. School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University, Beijing 100871; 2. College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Houston, Houston, Texas 77204; † Corresponding author, E- mail: tianyue@pku.edu.cn

Abstract There are problems such as efficient match of multiples, influence of other noise and geometry when the virtual events method is used in real data. By studying on model data, an efficient matching method based on high- order and high- resolution Radon transform was presented, which had advantages in matching time and effect. There are also some quantitative analyses and parametric optimization on filter matrix and length of time window of the traditional matching methods. The authors made some quantitative analyses on the anti-noise capacity of virtual events method and discussed its range of application. The results have some referential meaning when the method is used in real data. Key words virtual events; interbed multiple; multiple match; noise interference

多次波的分离是常规地震资料处理过程中的一个重要环节[ 1], 无论是将其归为噪声, 还是用于成像[ 2], 多次波与一次波的分离都是必不可少的。传统的基于规则多次波的分离方法主要有两类[ 3]: 一类是基于有效波与多次波之间速度差异的方法, 如Radon 变换和 F-K 滤波; 另一类是基于波动方程的

[ 4]预测减去法, 如预测反褶积法 、波场外推法等。

近年来, 由于需要较少的先验信息, 基于数据驱动[ 5 6]的方法 更具优势, 主要有 SRME[ 7]、逆散射级数[ 8] [ 9 11] [ 12]法 、稀疏反演法 、共聚焦点技术 和虚同相[ 13 14]轴法 。对于层间多次波而言, 目前比较先进的方法主[ 15]要有两种。一种是 Weglein 等 提出的基于点散射模型的逆散射级数法, 根据 Lippmann-schwinger

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