Research of Permeability Numerical Prediction and Upscaling Based on Micro-ct Computed Tomography of Sandstone Core Sample

LIU Yuyang1,2,†, PAN Mao1,2, ZHANG Chi1, CHEN Xi1, LI Zhaoliang3

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1. School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University, Beijing 100871; 2. Institute of Oil and Gas, Peking University, Beijing 100871; 3. Petrochina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, Beijing 100083; † E-mail:

Abstract Digital core analysis based on micro-ct computed tomography provide a new approach in core samples’ permeability numerical prediction. Firstly, Minkowski functionals is applied along with the K-means cluster analysis to separate the sandstone core sample gotten from the micro-ct computed tomography into distinct classes, well-sorted fine grain, well-sorted large grain and transition area in order to get the elaborate layer system. Secondly, capillary drainage transform is performed to simulate the distribution of wetting and non-wetting phases under different drainage pressures. Lastly, LBM method is operated based on the core layer system to model permeability of each layers and upscaling is applied based on the simulated results with 3 different ways: directly applying the average method on the prediction values, finding the correlation function of permeability and porosity with and without thin layers in order to get the upscaling values of permeability and correlation function of permeability and porosity. Key words micro-ct computed tomography; sandstone core; rock-typing; permeability; upscaling

近年来, CT扫描成像技术在地球科学、土壤科学、石油工程和许多其他领域的研究中发挥着越来越重要的作用[16]。基于 CT扫描成像的数字岩芯分析技术为岩芯物理性质的模拟分析提供了一种新的方法, 岩芯三维可视性是其主要特点之一。三维数字岩芯图像可以较准确和直观地反映岩石内部的结

构特征和孔隙的空间展布, 基于数字岩芯图像的岩石物理性质模拟为岩芯的物性分析提供了一种新的方法。与传统的岩芯实验分析方法相比, 由于CT扫描成像技术对样本的无损性以及数字岩芯图像的重复利用性特点[7], 可以对岩芯进行数次模拟而不破坏岩芯的结构和性质, 从而避免岩芯经多次实验

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