Allometric Relationship between Tree Height and Diameter of Larch Forests in China

LIU Chunyun, FANG Wenjing, CAI Qiong, MA Suhui, JIANG Xingxing, JI Chengjun†, FANG Jingyun

ACTA Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Pekinensis - - News -

Key Laboratory for Earth Surface Process (MOE), Department of Ecology, College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University, Beijing 100871; † Corresponding author, E-mail:

Abstract 184 plots from larch (Larix Mill.) forests across China were sampled to characterize the heightdiameter relationships and investigate the effects of structure and climate on them based on the power function H = adb. The results showed that the height-diameter relationship differed greatly among species: b-value of Larix gmelinii (0.65±0.11) and L. olgensis (0.68±0.10) were significantly higher than L. mastersiana (0.51±0.17) and L. potaninii (0.54±0.15) (F=2.34, P=0.026). These differences were significantly influenced by mean annual temperature, but no statistic relationships were detected between stem density, total basal area and mean annual prepetition against b-value. These results indicated that as mean annual temperature increased, a higher proportion of biomass was allocated into diameter growth than height growth (R2=0.09, P<0.001). Key words diameter-height; allometric scaling; Larix

胸径(diameter at breast height, DBH)和树高(tree height)的变化是树木生长的两个重要方面。前者为径向生长, 主要与树木的机械支持能力、水分吸收能力以及叶生物量有关; 后者为垂直生长, 反映垂直方向上林木截取光照的能力[1–2]。胸径与树高之间存在密切的相关生长关系(allometry, 又称异

速生长), 反映树木对水平生长和垂直生长的权衡[1]。目前, 描述生物体器官之间数量关系的相关生长方程多以幂函数形式表示[3–5]。

由于树木胸径的测定方法简单、准确, 而测定树高相对困难且存在较大误差, 因此, 根据胸径测量数据和胸径–树高的相关生长方程推算树高的方

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