Isolation of Fungal Strains in Soil of Selenium Mining Area and Screening for Their Anti-tumor Activity

RAN Xiling1, LIU Yu1, TIAN Congkui1,†, ZHU Tingting2, SONG Yanan1, MO Yuexian1

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1. Key Laboratory of Biological Resources Protection and Utilization of Hubei Province & Wuling Mountain Institute of Natural Medicine, Hubei University for Nationalities, Enshi 445000; 2. State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of Drinking Water Source Management and Technology & Shenzhen Academy of Environmental Sciences, Shenzhen 518001; † Corresponding author, E-mail:

Abstract The fungal strains were obtained by single colony isolation technique from the soil of the world’s unique proved independent selenium deposit. The anti-tumor activity was assayed by MTT method using Mdamb-231cells, Hela cells and SMMC-7721 cells, respectively, together with morphological observation of these cells under inversed light microscope. The 73 terrestrial fungal strains were isolated from the soil samples collected from 6 different areas in Enshi area of Hubei Province, China. Among them, 32 strains produced fermentation products obviously inhibiting the Hela cells, 13 strains inhibiting the MDA-MB-231 cells and 9 strains inhibiting the SMMC-7721 cells with IC50 value less than 90 µg/ml. These antitumor-metabolite-producing strains have provided fungal strains for further studies on the bioactive metabolites. Key words fungi; selenium mining area; terrestrial fungus; isolation and cultivation; anti-tumor activity

微生物次级代谢产物具有结构类型繁多、活性广泛、易于工业化生产等特点, 是药物先导化合物的重要来源, 近年来具有化学多样性的真菌代谢产物更是作为寻找新药候选物的重要资源而备受关注[1-6]。当前对微生物活性物质的研究繁多, 已很难从常规

环境资源中发现更具开发潜力的新结构活性物质。因此, 认识受到特殊环境因子胁迫的新菌株资源, 以拓展药用菌株资源的来源, 具有重要的现实意义[7]。全世界唯一硒矿床——湖北恩施硒矿床区域的泥土长期受到特殊环境因子(高硒含量)的胁迫, 其中所

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