Review on Methods of 3D Reconstruction from UAV Image Sequences

LIU Lei1,2, SUN Min1,†, REN Xiang1, LIU Xinfu2, LIU Liang1, ZHENG Hui3, LI Xiaodong1

ACTA Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Pekinensis - - News -

1. School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University, Beijing 100871; 2. 61206 PLA troops, Beijing 100042; 3. College of Geoscience and Surveying Engineering, China University of Mining & Technology (Beijing), Beijing 100083; † Corresponding author, E-mail:

Abstract Based on reviewing the methods for UAV image-sequence reconstruction, the classification on the principle and applicability of the methods is proposed. Generally, the methods involved can be divided into two groups. One is based on traditional photogrammetry, which needs more intermediate quality-control checks and more human-computer interactions. This method can be used to reconstruct large and regular image blocks. The other called the multi-view geometry method, is more like close range photogrammetry. It is more suitable for automatic reconstruction of irregular image blocks, such as specific objects and complex terrains. After comparing applicability of different methods, the related technology is expatiated, and the advantages, limitations and enhancement methods are discussed. Finally, it is pointed out that the combination of photogrammetry and computer vision is the future research direction, and the key problems to be solved are discussed. Key words UAV; image sequences; multiple view geometry; photogrammetry; 3D reconstruction

近年来, 随着技术的发展, 三维空间信息的快速获取在资源环境、土地利用以及自然灾害等领域发挥着越来越重要的作用。传统的三维空间信息获取主要依赖星载、机载和地面测量等方式, 普遍存在采集成本高、成果周期长、时间分辨率低等问题。由于无人机具有云下飞行、数据采集灵活、成本低、时效性强、降低野外作业人员危险等优势,

因此基于无人机影像序列的三维重建方法是解决上述问题的有效手段。无人机获取的影像具有相幅小、姿态角变化幅度大、位姿精度低、影像畸变大等问题, 导致传统航空摄影测量方法难以有效地处理无人机影像序列。为此, 众多学者研究基于传统航摄或计算机视觉技术的无人机影像序列处理方法的改进[12]。由

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