Though not blessed with the quan­tity of pow­der that falls in Ja­pan, South Korea has re­sorts that cater to the do­mes­tic mar­ket and value-ori­ented in­ter­na­tional vis­i­tors, some up­graded ready to host the 2018 Win­ter Olympics.

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One thing to get straight about the host area of next year’s Olympics is its name: it is Pyeongchang and not Py­ong Yang, which is the cap­i­tal of North Korea. There are sto­ries of peo­ple try­ing to go to the wrong one by mis­take, so dur­ing the cam­paign, the name was of­fi­cially changed, adding that ‘e’ and push­ing the words to­gether while re­tain­ing the cap­i­tal ‘C’. The area lies near the east coast, where much of South Korea’s best snow falls, and ties to­gether four of South Korea’s best re­sorts: Alpen­sia (shown above right), Bok­wang or Phoenix Park, High One or Jeongseon, and Yong­py­ong. It's a mix of old and new: long-es­tab­lished names that have been spruced up for the oc­ca­sion, and newer re­sorts that are help­ing to shape a new iden­tity for Korean ski­ing in the fu­ture. For more on th­ese re­sorts and the Games them­selves, turn to the spe­cial sec­tion else­where in this guide. Out­side of those four, Muju De­ogyu­san (above) is one of the big­gest, most de­vel­oped re­sor ts. With a sprawl of ho­tels, malls and restau­rants, it has plenty to do, in a set­ting tai­lored to fam­i­lies. It is fur­ther south than most other re­sorts though, which means it is a lit­tle warmer and there­fore re­lies on ar­ti­fi­cial snow much of the time. In­deed, the rel­a­tively light snow­fall, plus the mod­est el­e­va­tion of many moun­tains in South Korea, of­ten cause re­sorts to de­ploy the

snow­mak­ing gear. This is the main rea­son be­hind the af­ford­abil­ity of the ski­ing. While purists may turn their noses up, if you are a learner or im­prover, not look­ing for a tree run or back­coun­try to drop into, or per­haps just want a dif­fer­ent feel to your next ski trip, South Korea is worth a look.

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