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The planet Saturn is best known for its beautiful rings — wispy bands of rock and ice that are unlike anything else in the solar system. Yet the planet’s wispy clouds are just as beautiful as the rings, and in some ways a lot more interesting. 行星土星因其美丽的光环而闻名于世,由岩石和冰构成的成束的光环与太阳系里其他任何东西都不一样。然而,这颗行星上的束状云也和土星环一样美丽,甚至在某些方面更加有趣。

Through its equator, Saturn is more than nine times Earth’s diameter. Yet it takes less than 11 hours for Saturn to spin on its axis. That stretches the clouds that top its atmosphere into globe-circling bands. They’re colored in subtle shades of yellow, tan, and white by water vapor, ammonia, sulfur, and other compounds. 土星赤道部分直径是地球直径的9倍多。但土星绕轴自转一周的时间还不到11个小时。这就将其大气层上面的云拉伸成了环绕土星圆球的云带。其颜色是由水汽、氨、硫黄,以及其他化合物混合而成的,有微妙的多重黄色、棕褐色和白色。

At the poles, the clouds form hurricane-like vortexes that are big enough to swallow Earth. The one at the north pole forms a hexagon. 在两极,云形成了类似于飓风的漩涡,这些漩涡的大小足以吞噬地球。在北极的那个漩涡形成了一个六边形。

Giant storms also form at lower latitudes. Many of them are as big as continents. Unlike the storms on Earth, which are powered by the Sun, those on Saturn get their energy from inside the planet itself. Heat radiates outward, stirring the upper atmosphere. 巨大的风暴也同样在较低纬度地区形成。它们中的一些和(地球上的)大洲一样大。与地球上由太阳提供动力的风暴不同,土星上的这些风暴从行星自身内部获取能量。热量向外发散,搅动上层大气。

And sometimes, that heat stirs up storms that can wrap around the entire planet. These storms are brilliant white, so they stand out against the golden hues of much of the rest of this giant planet. 有时,这样的高温会搅动出席卷整个星球的风暴。这些风暴是明亮的白色,在这颗巨大行星其他大部分的金色色调中显得格外清晰。

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在红外线下,土星的一些特征更为清晰地呈现出来。在土星北极,巨大的六角形风暴格外显眼。图片来源:N A S A , JP L - C a lte ch , S S I

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