Vehicle Active Anti-collision System Based on Obstacle Repulsive Field

Fang Jun

Automobile Technology - - 汽车技术 -

Northern Beijing Vocational Education Institute, Beijing 101400) (

To improve vehicle driving safety, vehicle active anti- collision system based on obstacle repulsive field【Abstract】model was designed, path abacus model and driver preview & following model were built, the path abacus model can be used to solve collision- avoidance path, whereas the driver preview & following model can be used to solve the optimal steering angle. Simulation test in dynamic & static obstacle environment shows that the path planned by the abacus model is smooth, safe and traceable; the driver path planned by the preview & following model has high following precision, and active collision-avoidance can be achieved.

Key words: Vehicle active anti-collision system; Obstacle repulsive field; Abacus model; Driver preview-following model

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