Hot Pot Sun

Beijing & Shanghai's Best Restaurants - - 单项大奖 -

About 4 years ago, a number of high-end Cantonese hot pot restaurants emerged one after another in Shanghai. Most of them are located along busy streets with fine design, boasting best ingredients and abundant wines. However the varied service makes a distinction. For a high-end hot pot restaurant, quality service is never easy, for well-informed guests usually have higher expectation. While merely serving dishes and changing towels are far from enough, waiters should be not only attentive to the needs of guests, but also leave room for them to enjoy their meal. Hot Pot Sun is excellent in terms of all these. What's more, in its specious Xintiandi branch store, no matter whether in private boxes or at floor seats, the service has no difference. From the Waygu beef of all sorts to details like wall paintings, hand lotion and silver pots, Hot Pot Sun proves the best hot pot dining choice. The only thing you need to do is to enjoy yourself, leaving everything to the skillful waiters.

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