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It is opened by acclaimed Spanish chef Willy at the heart of the Bund. Here the scenes are equally unmatched as cuisine.

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The restaurant feels nice and tidy, albeit with a limited space. The owner Willy with his trademark chef hat often comes out to greet you so you may be familiar next time.

Spanish omelet is a bit different from tradition. We suggest to try with more juice.

The bisque has two great chunks of lobster and there is warmth for the moment on your tongue. Onsen tamago with Jamon Iberico and White Truffle is ideal for the season.

三文鱼配酸奶油和松露蜂蜜Explosive Balik Salmon with Sour Cream and Truffle Honey

橄榄油浸大虾Gambas al Ajillo, Sauted Shrimps with Garlic and Chili

Willy精选海选干式海鲜饭Willy’s Mixed Seafood Dry Paella

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