Jing’an Restaurant

Beijing & Shanghai's Best Restaurants - - 上海最佳餐厅 -

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As the main restaurant in Puli hotel, Jing’an restaurant owns beautiful view of Jing’an park.

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The confidence on quality comes from the selection of fresh ingredients and unique recipe. Puli’s executive chef Michael Wilson devoted himself to the perfection and innovation of classic dishes.

22-month San Daniele, Iberian ham or oysters from various regions are good appetizers. Soup of Sunflower Root and Vanilla, Scallops and Israeli Dates taste rich, fresh and sweet.

Main course Angus Short Rib, Celeriac Puree, Charred Young Garlic, Xo Sauce really melt in your mouth. Chocolate, Mint and Cocoa Powder is dessert you can’t miss.

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