Paris Rouge

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Paris Rouge的菜很传统,也很重口味,和这里的室内环境、音乐以及服务一样,跟足了巴黎的节奏。餐厅经理和服务生要么是法国人,要么在法国餐厅工作过,法国经理热情浪漫,逗得客人很开心。现在菜单上有单人与双人套餐菜单,很具性价比。酒单也有看头,尤其法国酒,有不少是精品酒庄出品。以威灵顿牛排为例,这道传统到不能再传统的法国菜,在牛肉、鹅肝这些很肥腻的主料之外,伴菜里竟然用了腌制的五花肉伴蘑菇,实在是“火上浇油”。海鲜拼盘奢华到极致,造型精美复杂,海鲜选择既多又美味,尤其是玫瑰粉钻生蚝,市面上少见。同样风格的还有甜品,比如Baba au Rum,朗姆蛋糕(或称Rum baba),这大概也是那种历史悠久到快要失传的家庭式甜品了吧?正是我最爱的那种一口就甜彻五脏六腑的超级好吃的尤物。

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A great place to enjoy traditional French delicacies presented in a modern luxuriant way with gorgeous flavour.

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The restaurant provides a taste of Paris in all particulars, as the owner Chef is keen in trendy French cuisine. Wellington Steak has long been absent in restaurants in China. Yet, it is served here astonishingly with preserved pork belly.

The Seafood Platter is extravagant with an exquisite display, and the rose oysters are especially preferred by ladies. Home-made Cake Baba au Rum, also called as Rum Baba, is rarely to be found today. But it is authentically produced here with high sweetness, which is my favourite.

传统法式鹅肝肉酱披Traditional French Pate en Croute

传统法式朗姆酒蛋糕Traditional Rum Baba with Homemade Rum

海鲜精选拼盘Luxury Seafood Platter

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