Sichuan Court

Beijing & Shanghai's Best Restaurants - - 上海最佳餐厅 -

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Helmed by the Sichuan cuisine Chef Xie Zhengjie, the Chinese -style restaurant is a paradise for Sichuan food lovers.

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Authentic Sichuan sauces are on offer. Local-flavoured Sichuan dishes satisfy different tastes. The table-side stone horses are good companions.

The signature Fried Prawns with Sichuan Pepper Sauce Gongbao Style tastes sweet and smooth.

Pan Fried Austrialia Scallops with Minced Meat, Pickled Cabbage and Preserved Chili is cooked with unique method of Sichuan cuisine, applying western ingredients. Home Style Braised Pork with Vegetables is a must order.

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