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创始人 Paul Pairet对食物有着幽默感和童趣,也以高科技方法加强人们对食物的感知,颇具实验性。餐厅每晚只接待10位客人,需提前3个月预订座位,是名副其实的全球最热门餐厅之一。• 20道菜品的套餐,每道都有一个主题,360度的幕墙画面、灯光、音乐甚至香氛都依据主题而变化,以营造的“心理味觉”加深食客对于食物的感知,不止于味道,更是心情、记忆、潜意识的综合冒险。比如在品尝龙虾时,墙面上是波涛汹涌的影像,耳畔浪潮声起伏,鼻尖流动着仿如海水味的香氛;品尝松露时,晨曦森林的画面令人仿佛置身林野中寻找松露。这是20道菜组成的故事,也是一次味觉心灵之旅。•有些菜品极富趣味,如小熊糖及可乐,银幕上小熊们追逐跑步,眼前凹凸纹路的瓷盘像跑道一样,小熊糖包裹在球体中,可乐做成冰冻块,这是分子料理的极致表现,细致且富有层次感。

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The great combination of gourmet food and multi-sensory experience provides a truly all-around dining enjoyment.

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The founder Paul Pairet is good at creating unusual dining experience with the help of high-tech technology. You have to book a seat 3 months in advance, as only 10 guests are served every night. The set meal is comprised of 20 courses, each of which has an individual theme with corresponding visual, olfactory and gustatory experience. For example, when tasting lobsters, you will see, hear and smell the surging waves. Bear Sugar and Cola is an interesting course with great taste.

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