Duck de Chine

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Though located unfavourably, Duck de Chine enjoys a surprisingly full seat occupation. It is crowded at 7:00 pm even on workdays. Lighting is crucial for dining environment, especially in the evening. When dining in public areas, your requirements for privacy, quietness, romance and comfort can be satisfied by proper use of lights. Obviously, Duck de Chine does a good job in terms of this. In addition to environment, for a restaurant, of course, food is always the main attraction. Roast Duck is a must. From presentation, taste to sauce, Duck de Chine’s roast duck is better than those of other restaurants. The nourishing Fish Maw stewed with Conch is ideal for dry seasons. Steamed Fang Li Fish made of quality ingredients and cooked carefully tastes tender and resilient. Tofu, Duck & Rice Noodle Soup cooked slowly for over 10 hours is amazingly delicious. The dessert Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo might be the nicest in town.

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