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Beijing & Shanghai's Best Restaurants - - 荣誉推荐 -

No one would restrain dreaming of a romantic candlelight dinner in the highest restaurant of Beijing – breathtaking views of the busiest East 3rd Ring teaming with taillights in rush hours, beef of the highest quality, an open and quiet dinning space lit up with whispers, soft lightings in play with candles on the table. Advanced reservation is required for private room and there is a stylish bar right above. Here the creativity is amazing. Caesar Salad has a new interpretation: aged parmesan is crafted into a crispy cake that covers brioche croutons, pata negra and other ingredients; you shall first chip it into scraps and stir them evenly with the rest, or you can enjoy the parmesan separately in bigger pieces. And do not hesitate to package it back to home if the supply sticks to your ribs. Calf Face is slowcooked for 26 hours and loaded into a small single-handle pot, a recipe reputedly coming from Istanbul. And eggplant and cheese are braised deeply in copper pan, which is perfect for serving with rice.

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