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It is the atmosphere and service here that brings you a sense of immersion in Japan. A private space for being alone and the dishes pleasing both eyes and palate are all worth of 5-star award. The theme is authentic premium Japanese cuisine served in private rooms only, and most public area is used for scenery. Advanced reservation is required. Rice sets in lunch time have different price. They can easily fill you up albeit seemingly in small supply. Kaiseki cuisine is available. The style is understated. Lighting is hardly sufficient and all the arch bridge, Japanese carp, water drop and indistinct partition doors will make you relaxed both in move and in speech. Guests may be surprised at a painstakingly neat layout of crab parts and tools. According to a friend who used to live in Japan, such treatment proves a remarkable level in understanding the quintessential. Sashimi, Tuna Toro, red shell, carved fish, salmon and Temaki Sushi all display an artless art as well as the gentleness, mildness, health and taste of the Japanese cuisine.

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