Cova (国金店 IFC Mall)

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米兰到上海, Cova 这个深受海明威喜爱的意大利品牌在上海已经开设了4间分店,分别坐落于国金中心、新天地、南京西路恒隆广场、K11 购物艺术中心。2013 年加入 LVMH集团后, Cova一如概往依循米兰老店的百年传统,让你彷如走进时光隧道,重温200 年前上流社会的精致时光,是每位时尚、追求高端品味的客人约会、下午茶和聚餐的潮地首选。Cova的甜品大师举世闻名,每天制作出一件件别出心裁的精致艺术甜品。除了经典轻柔的芒果奶油半圆蛋糕、香浓滋味的萨赫朱古力蛋糕及黑森林野莓蛋糕,甜品大师还会用上数之不尽的食谱与方法,制作多款令人心动的完美蛋糕。不论于婚宴、周年纪念、私人庆祝或是特别活动, Cova都能为客人送上惊喜,以创新艺术甜品,让特别时刻锦上添花。芒果鲜奶油蛋糕是 Cova的星级甜品,里面有三层松软又充满牛油香的海绵蛋糕,每层中间夹着香甜鲜芒果与幼滑如丝的醇香意大利舛奶油,依照Cova传统秘方制作,蛋糕、奶油与芒果的比例恰当,香气四溢,层次、口感近乎完美。

从From Milan to Shanghai, the luxury Italian brand, Ernest Hemingway’s favorite Cafe, Cova has opened four branches in Shanghai now, locating in IFC, Xintiandi, Plaza 66 and K11. After joining the LVMH group in 2013, Cova consistently follows the century-old store in Milan in furnishings, which allows guests to relive the good memories of high society 200 years ago, becoming the first choice among trendy places for every fashionable guest looking for high-end appointments, afternoon tea and dinner. Beyond its traditional and acclaimed Mango Cream Dome Cake, Sacher Torte or its sumptuous Black Forest Berries Cake, the patisserie counts on an enormous number of recipes and ways to personalize every cake. Weddings, anniversaries, private events, special occasions are the perfect moments to create a surprise with Cova's cakes. Mango Cream Dome is Cova’s signature dessert, with three layers of soft sponge cakes, between each layer is fresh mango and Italian cream, creating a fragrant and perfect taste.

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