Jin Xuan

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Located in The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai Pudong, Jin Xuan is a masterwork by famous Hong Kong designer Steve Leung. The elegant interior and beautiful view makes the restaurant a solid choice for social celebrities and business elites in Shanghai. The menu is dominated by authentic Cantonese delicacies. The excellent tea service based on the dishes ordered by guests is really wonderful. The restaurant includes a dining hall which can accommodate 52 guests, 8 private rooms in different sizes, and a Chinese tea lounge. The Chinese kitchen of the restaurant is attended by Chef Daniel Wong who has been devoted himself to Cantonese cuisine over the past 20 years. Cooking has been a part of Chef Wong’s life. He travels at least twice a year to explore good quality ingredients, and spends 1/3 of his income on unannounced visits to other restaurants every month. He is committed to making authentic Cantonese food with quality fresh ingredients, providing guest with a memorable dining experience.

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