1877 Club

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1877 Club is 2-storey wooden structure house built in 1877 in Quzhou Zhejiang. The owner spent a year and a half carefully splitting and moving it to Shanghai, creating an air of antiquity. Having been opened for over a decade, it is always known for "landscape and classic spicy cuisine". There are 8 kinds of spice coexisted in Guizhou cuisine to present a strong and rich flavour, including garlic spice, hot spice, sour spice, burned spice, dry spice and wine spice. With 31 years of experience, the Chef knows the essence of Guizhou cuisine. Cold dish Mixed Fruits with Fresh Herbs is fragrant and refreshing. Fresh Conch Marinated in Guizhou Maotai is impressive on the nose and chewy on the palate. Tofu with Peanuts and Meat in Sauce tastes spicy and smooth. Wujiang Fish in Sour Soup is spicy and delicious, while the fish is tender and tasty. Recommend main dishes are Beef with Flat Rice Noodle in Soup in Huaxi style, Steamed Pork with Millet. Cake with Sweetened Bean Paste are wonderful endings.

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