Bollinger Champagne Bar

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创建于 1829 年的 Bollinger,几个世纪以来一直由家族管理经营,自有葡萄园供应链确保了香槟始终如一的高贵品质。Bollinger 香槟吧选址在金宝街1949会所内,酒廊极具空间感的设计和经典年份香槟,都让前来的每一位宾客不虚此行。或于吧台前欣赏调酒师为你呈献多样鸡尾酒,或于中庭小坐浅酌,都是人生乐事。

Located in the 1949 Club, Bollinger has won the hearts of guests by its spacious design and classic vintage champagne from its own vineyard. It’s a pleasure to appreciating the variety of cocktails, or sipping in the garden in a sunny day.

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