Bar Rouge

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全新的室内设计将重新设计装修后的Bar Rouge 带给大家优雅和时髦的感受,而不光是原先纯粹的热闹与躁动。蛇皮的使用、仿高跟鞋的桌子等等所产生的触动,暗示了设计理念中的性感和温柔之风。DJ台被转移到吧台末端的正中央,大大地加强了DJ、吧台人员和客人之间的互动。设计中有一个以“唐培礼侬——香槟王”为主题的贵宾区。

Bar Rouge is elegant and stylish, also provides a “Dom Perignon – King of Champagne” VIP area. The use of materials such as snakeskin, glass, mental, wood and stone creates a sense of comfort and ease. You will enjoy a wonderful evening with cocktails and customized snacks.

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