El Coctel

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el Coctel藏身于永福路街边楼上,相当隐蔽,来客多是熟门熟路。恰到好处的亮度营造了很好的饮酒聊天的放松氛围,天花板上炫丽的花朵图案和菜单上的手绘同样出自一位西班牙女插画师之手。而最吸引人的便是如日式高级寿司料亭一般的吧台长桌,店里的日籍调酒师是从银座请来的,许多经典古法鸡尾酒都在客人眼前一一调制而出。

Hidden in a quiet building, el Coctel is a popular place among regular visitors for drinking and chatting. The flowery ceiling, hand-drawn menu and long bar counter are quite attractive. Classic cocktails are modulated in front of guests by experienced Japanese bartender.

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