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东家主业做设计,所以一出电梯就能够感受到浓浓的设计味道,大到吧台上方的冰柱装置,小到一把皮椅或台灯,全部都是自行设计,风格统一。行政主厨Mauro Colagreco是阿根廷人,但年轻时去了法国学厨。Unico的南美风格 Tapas抢了风头,食材新鲜,做法干净利落,搭配南美风格的鸡尾酒,在浓郁的南美音乐节奏下,甚是自在快活。

Unico is designed by its owner and helmed by an Argentinean chef trained in France. The signature South American Tapas is highly praised for its freshness and unique flavour, which is stunning with South American cocktails. Enjoy the dainties with the rhythm of lively music!

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