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The digital economy white paper data shows that the application of digital skills and technology will help the global economy to increase 2 trillion dollars in 2020; By 2025, half of the total cost of the global economy will be shaped by the digital economy.

Logistics industry is a basic and strategic industry to support the national economic and social development, as new technology, new mode and new formats emerge in large numbers, logistics is no longer a connection tool between production and sales, gradually become key chain between manufacturers and terminal consumers, virtual economy and real economy, the role and function of logistics in the social system are upgrading and going through big changes.

在工业革命时期,生产出来的产品不愁销售,制造企业是供应链权力中心;随着产能过剩,渠道作用凸显,渠道成为新的权力中心;而随着信息时代的到来,随着零售从线下时代走入电商 时代,进一步向无界时代迈进,供应链的“权力中心”在不断转移。在信息时代,消费者成为新的权力中心,物流逐渐围绕用户体验而设计,并随之变革。


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