The Supply-side Structural Reform of Emerging Industries Circulation Service in the Belt and Road Economic Regions

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(Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics,Lanzhou,Gansu930020,China)

Abstract:Taking circulation service of emerging industries as the start point,breaking through the understanding of circulation,fully exploring the product nature of circulation service,and according to the difference among different phases and levels,the author divides the supply of circulation service into such three classes,namely products that can be used to transfer, realize product value,and provide economy and society with information flow. Based on this theoretical innovation,the author carries out the research on emerging industries circulation service in the Belt and Road economic regions. From the twodimensional angle,the development potential of emerging industries in the Belt and Road economic regions is significant. However,because of the constraint of circulation service,the market coverage of emerging industries' product is very limited; and causes for that are the hardware in such aspects as road,railway,waterway,and shipping,and such software as the quality of special logistics. Smoothing the channel for product transferring, strengthening circulation service specialization and establishing the information platform for product demand and supply should be the focuses of reform in circulation service. To implement the reform,we must give full play to the role of such media as economic region construction,modern IT and ecommerce,realize the value of product in emerging industries in the Belt and Road economic regions with high circulation efficiency and quality,and force the supply-side structural reform of emerging industries with the help of supply-side structural reform in emerging industries circulation service.

Key words:the Belt and Road economic regions;emerging industry;circulation service;supply-side structural reform

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