The Review of China’s Logistics Industry in 2016 and the Outlook of 2017

China Business and Market - - 第一页 - HE Li-ming (China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing,Beijing100045,China)

Abstract:In 2016,China’s logistics industry served our national development strategy in the light of supply-side structural reform;the general operation of this industry tended to be more stable and better;with the help of related plans and policies,the supply and demand structure was deeply adjusted;the development pattern was changed;the high efficient logistics was promoted with the help of“Internet Plus”;and this industry contributed more to our country in terms of maintaining stable growth,promoting reform,adjusting structure,promoting the people’s wellbeing,and preventing risk. In 2017,this industry will maintain stable growth and improve quality. We expect that: the Total Value Of Social Logistics Goods will be increased by 6%;the growth rate of Total Social Logistic Cost will be around 4%;the ratio of Total Social Logistic Cost to GDP will tend to be decreased while maintaining stable;and there will be profound changes in logistic demand,the main suppliers,infrastructure, resources factors,development pattern,growth drivers and policy environment. To further decrease logistic cost,we should, first,promote industrial deregulation,remove policy constrains,optimize and upgrade service,promote the implementation of existed policies,solve the outstanding problems,and support the innovative development;second,we should adhere to the new development idea of“Innovation,Coordination,Green,Opening- up and Sharing”and make innovation in idea,pattern, technology and business type;third,we should deal with the relations between stability and development,and innovation and changes,and establish the new balance at the new level;fourth,we should respond to the new requirement of building a sound ecological system,and promote the green,low- carbon and sustainable development;fifth,we should strengthen the logistic resources arrangement of countries along the Belt and Road,and give play to the leading role of logistics;and sixth,we should explore the new pattern of“sharing economy”,integrate supply chain,extend industrial chain,promote value chain,and share the social economic benefits brought by innovation in business pattern with upstream and downstream enterprises and customers.

Key words:ogistics industry;high efficient logistics;sharing economy;supply-side structural reform

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