Some Reconsideration on the Characteristics and Innovative Development of China’s Logistics Industry

China Business and Market - - 第一页 - WENG Xin-gang

(Beijing Wuzi University,Beijing101149,China)

Abstract:The logistics industry is the fundamental industry in national economy;and it plays the important supporting role for the development of other industries. At present,China’s logistics industry has entered a new stage of innovative development and transformation and upgrading;and the focus has been transferred from quantitative growth of this industry to quality improvement. But the related theoretical research on this industry lagged behind;there existed some indistinct understanding about this industry;and the scope definition about that is very random. So we should start from the original point of logistics, correctly understand the logistic service of logistics enterprises and goods owner enterprises,clarify such concepts as logistics enterprises and modern logistics,clear up the relation between enterprise-build logistics and outsourcing logistics and the relation between 3PL industry and logistics industry,correctly understand such essential characteristics of logistics industry as the service nature,system nature and modern nature,conform to changes in logistic demand in the complicated economic era,make targeted innovation in logistic service,establish the logistic system based on supply chain integration,and positively promote the innovative development of logistics industry according to the characteristics and requirement of contemporary economic development.

Key words:characteristics of logistics industry;modern logistics industry;3PL;innovative development of logistics indus⁃ try;scale of logistics industry

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