The Current Situation of Research on Logistic Performance Evaluation and the Trend of That

China Business and Market - - 第一页 - WANG Chao ,GAO Yang and LIU Chao

(Beijing University of Technology,Beijing100124,China)

Abstract:Logistic performance is the critical factor promoting national economic development. There are some emerging technology and methods that can be used to evaluate logistic performance in the advanced countries;and there are also many related research fruits. Though the domestic research lagged behind in terms of theoretical innovation and contribution,it is more targeted in analyzing the weakness of China’s logistic performance. From the existing academic thought,we can see that research on logistic performance evaluation can be divided into such directions as national,industrial and enterprise logistic performance evaluation. Among them,for national logistic performance evaluation,logistic performance index published by the World Bank is frequently used,and the relation between national logistic performance evaluation and economy and the way that can be used to improve national logistic performance are the focus of that;for industrial logistic performance evaluation,benchmarking is the frequently used method;for enterprise logistic performance evaluation,such methods as AHP,balanced scorecard and data envelopment analysis are frequently used to improve logistic performance and enterprises’competitiveness. In the future,the related research should be focused on perfecting the index system of national logistic performance evaluation,simplifying the method,and being combined with national strategy.

Key words:logistic performance;logistics industry;performance evaluation;index system

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