On Retail Enterprises’Self-operation

——the New Reform and Development Direction of Commerce Circulation Industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period

China Business and Market - - 第一页 - SONG Ze (National Academy of Economic Strategy,CASS,Beijing100055,China)

Abstract:Self-operation is the highest-level purpose of commerce;it is also the basic skill and compulsory course of retail industry. With the capacity for market information analysis and the impact of large scale competitive order,the buyout selfoperation in retail industry is demonstrated as the determination role of market in distributing scarce resources,which can eliminate different kinds of uncertain market risks,promote economic vitality and prosperity,guide production and consumption, and optimize economic process and structure. Giving up self-operation and pursuing joint-operation is the direct cause for China’ s retail industry to fall into a wrong way and get into trouble from the beginning stage by taking reform as the excuse,which had serious consequences. Optimizing the structure of circulation industry,promoting self- operation and containing the excessively expanded joint- operation will be beneficial to cost decreasing,benefit increasing and serving the overall interests;it is also helpful for us to fundamentally optimize the process and structure of real economy,implement the development idea of “innovation,coordination,green,openness,and sharing”,improve the overall economic efficiency,and improve national welfare. The Internet did not change retail enterprises’essence of self-operation;there is also the problem of self-operation or joint- operation in online retail. In the era of Internet,we need the O2O integrated“large scale self- operating business”. The Internet,cloud computing and big data can make retail enterprises’“ever impossible”self-operation to be reality to reduce related risk and realize the targeted,digitized,scaled and customized self-operation. So we need to create the new way of thinking,new concept and new activity of self- operation in the era of Internet. Promoting self- operation is the most important issue for commerce circulation service industry to change pattern,adjust structure and be involved in the supply-side structural reform;it is also a matter of life and death for this industry. We should understand the problem of self-operation from the level of national economy and structural reform,and find out the new reform and development direction of commerce circulation industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.

Key words:retail enterprises;self-operation;joint-operation;the essence of commerce;internet

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