Risks Involved in Chinese Enterprises’FDI to Africa and the Elimination of That

China Business and Market - - 第一页 - FAN Zeng-qiang

(Shanxi Normal University,Linfen,Shanxi041004,China)

Abstract:With the coming of a new round high level opening up,the development of Chinese enterprises’Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been accelerated;and the overseas investment strategy has been transferred to be globalized. During the process of deepening cooperation between China and Africa,the efficiency and quality of Chinese enterprises’FDI to Africa is of great significance to the promotion of Chinese and African economic development. At present,there are such problems facing China’s enterprises concerning FDI:first,the unstable political situation,the terrorism activities,the serious corruption,and the lagged behind infrastructure in that area;second,the imperfect existing guarantee mechanism against political risk in China and the damaged image of China’s enterprises;and third,the defamed Sino- African relation. So we should strengthen the risk warning system,accurately identify and effectively cope with the related risk. First,we should promote the multi- cooperation and –interaction system and maintain the safety of China’s enterprises operated abroad;second,we should strengthen the safe Sino- Africa cooperation;third,we should perfect the forum mechanism;fourth,we should improve China’s international power of speech;fifth,we should accelerate the cooperation in production capacity and the building of industrial park;and sixth, we should establish the new win-win cooperation relation with the United States.

Key words:Chinese enterprises;Africa;FDI;risk warning

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