Innovation of Supply Chain Model in Cross Border E-commerce: Attribute Feature,Relation Model and Precondition

China Business and Market - - 第一页 - HE Ji-xin

(Tianjin Chengjian University,Tianjin300384,China)

Abstract:The rapid development of cross-border e-commerce imposes higher requirement on the relation among the main players of cross- border e- commerce supply chain and process management. To improve the enterprises’competitiveness and realize the sustainable development,we must pay more attention to supply chain management,make innovation in cross-border e- commerce supply chain management and pattern of operation,produce more new value proposition,and perfect the comprehensive and integrated service,and promote the enterprises and their product to develop in the overseas markets. Based some cases of cross-border e-commerce enterprises,with the help of Grounded Theory,after exploring the attribute feature and relation model of innovation of supply chain model in cross-border e-commerce from the angle of technology and function,the author finds that:both the functional and technological attributes have significant impact on cross- border e- commerce;the interaction between functional attribute and technological attribute and changes in that will lead to innovation in cross-border ecommerce supply chain operation;the functional attribute will depend on the realization of technological attribute;and the technological attribute is the necessary condition of innovation in functional attribute and it is also the guarantee of innovation in cross-border e-commerce supply chain operation. There are also some main features of innovation in cross-border e-commerce supply chain operation,such as new value proposition facing the building of overseas brand,the platform- based supply chain flexible organization and the comprehensive and integrated service system;and the appropriate platform technology,the improvement of supply chain management and the elimination of entry barriers among different industries are the precondition of innovation in cross-border e-commerce supply chain operation.

Key words:cross-border e-commerce;supply chain management;Unit-Management;technological attribute;functional attribute

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