Countermeasures for the Development of Cross-border E-commerce with the Strategic Benefits Brought by the Belt and Road Initiative

China Business and Market - - 第一页 - WEI Pei-qiong (Renmin University of China,Beijing100872,China)

Abstract:The Belt and Road Initiative brought countries and regions along the Belt and Road with significant benefits;it also impose enormous positive effects on the development of China’s cross- border e- commerce. In the short- term,it can improve the development level of China’s cross-border e-commerce by 50%;and in the long-term,the percentage of that will be above 60%. So we should,first,take advantage of related preferential policies introduced in the implementation process of the Belt and Road Initiative,especially the advantages of the related provinces,cities and regions themselves,clarify the market share and potential development space of the regional production,accelerate the development of cross-border e-commerce,and transfer the theoretical benefits into realistic ones;second,we should narrow the gap among different regions,and realize the balanced development;third,we should strengthen consumption idea taking individualization and diversified demand as the drivers,and provide consumers in related regions with low- cost platform;and fourth,we should promote the synchronous development of multimodal transportation in these regions,realize the effective linkage among different transportation models, eliminate the logistic and legal bottleneck,and promote the development of cross- border e- commerce in terms of both quality and quantity.

Key words:cross-border degree of e-commerce

e-commerce;cross-border logistics;the Belt and Road;e-commerce logistics;the prosperity

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