The Formation Mechanism of Internet Customers’Loyalty under the Idea of Experience Marketing

——the Dual Intermediary Effect of Satisfaction and Credibility

China Business and Market - - 第一页 - QIU Li (Tianjin University,Tianjin300072,China)

Abstract:Based on the data of 388 questionnaires,the author carries out an empirical research by using the structural equation model. It is found that:with the significance level of 0.05,consumption convenience experience,the perception of price and benefits,commodity quality,the quality of distribution service and remedial measure for service mistakes have significant impact on Internet customer’s loyalty;consumption convenience and commodity quality is the important limiting factor of Internet customers’satisfaction and credibility,respectively;and satisfaction and credibility has significant intermediary effect in the formation mechanism of Internet customers’loyalty. So at the level of consumption convenience experience,e- commerce enterprises should provide search engine with great power in terms of fuzzy search,search error correction and quick and correct positioning,upgrade the automatic and intellective level of order processing,improve the process of that,shorten the period of that and fully consider the customers’different payment preference;and at the level of perception of commodity quality,they should establish and perfect the supervision and evaluation system of commodity quality,strengthen the supervision on the approved 3rd party trading platform and enhance the punishment against sellers’cheating activities,standardize the quality of commodity information disclosure,and coordinate the relation between online recommendation and online comment management mechanism.

Key words:consumption experience;customer relation quality;internet customers’loyalty

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