Research on the Innovative Development Pattern of the Circulation Industry based on the Perspective of Cross Boundary Integration

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(Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation,Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China,


Abstract:With the rapid development and application of information technology,a new round of circulation revolution with "Internet plus circulation" and cross boundary integration is quietly rising. Cross boundary integration,a new way of industrial innovation and change,has profound influence on circulation industry changes;it not only broke through the original boundary of circulation industry,but also brought fundamental changes in the intermediary function of this industry;it also promote the circulation industry to change from the traditional intermediary to platform and service providers. At present,the profound integration of circulation industry and agriculture industry,manufacturing industry,service industry and Internet forms the cross boundary integration pattern taking the integration of life service and integration of business,traveling and culture as the representative,the online and offline integration pattern taking all channels and sharing platforms as the representative,and the supply chain service innovation pattern taking the comprehensive service of“logistics + finance + trade”as the characteristic. And all these patterns will not only be the important trend of China’s circulation industry development,but also be the main direction of the innovative development of this industry.

Key words:cross boundary integration;Internet plus;circulation innovation

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