Application Research on Omni-channel Pattern of Chinese Retail Enterprises in Mobile Internet Era

China Business and Market - - 第一页 - MA Hui-min

(Xuzhou Institute of Technology,Xuzhou,Jiangsu221008,China)

Abstract:In the era of mobile Internet,there is significant shock on the retail business of physical stores,which gives rise to the retail pattern of omni- channel. The practice of Macy’s Department Store in terms of omni- channel operation can be learned by our traditional retail enterprises. But such problems as not taking the consumers as the center,the low level of informatization and channel conflicts are hindering the application of the omni- channel pattern. So Chinese retail enterprises should,first,understand the characteristics of consumers in the era of mobile Internet,such as socialization,localization, mobilization and individualization,take consumers as the center,give full play to the interactive role of social medias,and listen to the consumers’requirement in terms of product and service;second,they should improve customers’product perceptibility and involvement;third,they should introduce mobile e-commerce,provide consumers with convenience in terms of purchasing and payment,and let them to enjoy the experience of seamless shopping;and fourth,they should realize the targeted marketing with the help of big data and micro shop.

Key words:mobile Internet era;Macy's Department Store;retail enterprises;omni-channel

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