The Determinants of Industrial Supply Chain Performance

——Evidence from Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

China Business and Market - - 第一页 - CHENG Dong and SUN Ying-lu

(Ningbo University,Zhejiang,Ningbo315201,China)

Abstract:The fast moving consumer goods industry,the upstream supplier of the depressed retail industry,is facing more challenges;developing sustainable cooperation relation has become the most important factor for the strategic development of this industry. Investigation and research on 161 enterprises in this industry shows that:first,customer involvement is playing an important intermediary role in the relation between customer evaluation and the partnership performance of suppliers and demanders;second,besides product quality and capacity for logistics,the impact of human relation on customer involvement is inverted U shape,and price has no significant impact on customer involvement and partnership performance;and third,the higher complexity of product or task will lead to more significant role of customer involvement. The suppliers of fast moving consumer goods should,first,fully understand the degree of“relation”and develop the relation with customers within a certain scope to avoid the problem of damage on both parties’willingness to cooperate and the overdue cost of relation maintenance; second,they should pay more attention to fostering diversified capabilities,identify and satisfy customers’requirement, transform enterprises’internal capabilities to activities that can create value,and try to gain more competitive advantages;third, they should improve customer involvement and product complexity,explore more new markets,and cultivate more growth points.

Key words:fast moving consumer goods industry;customer evaluation;customer involvement;partnership performance; product complexity

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