On the Comparison of Vegetable Circulation Efficiency in Different Channels in Wholesale Market Pattern

——the DEA-Tobit Model from the Micro Angle of Farmers

China Business and Market - - 第一页 - LI Liang and MU Yue-ying (China Agriculture University,Beijing100083,China)

Abstract:egetable circulation,the bridge between vegetable production and consumption,is the necessary link that can be used to adjust supply and demand;the circulation efficiency of vegetable is of great significance to developing vegetable production and improving consumers’welfare. Based on related investigation data of famers in Shandong,Liaoning,Hebei, Beijing and Tianjin in 2015,and with the help of DEA- Tobit Two- stage Model,the authors analyze vegetable circulation efficiency in different channels in wholesale market pattern and the influencing factors of that. It is found that:first,the overall efficiency of that is not high,and most of them are around 50%;second,most of the farmers are at the stage of rising returns to scale;and third,there are different influencing factors of vegetable circulation efficiency in different circulation channels,and the age of householders,the years they are in this industry,the distance between the market and farmers’home and whether they are the member of cooperation are the main influencing factors of vegetable circulation.

Key words:the pattern of wholesale market;vegetable;circulation efficiency;DEA-Tobit Two-stage Model

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