The Coordination of Capital Supply Chain against Emergency in Surplus Capital Model

China Business and Market - - 第一页 - CHAI Wen-long (Beijing Jiaotong University,Beijing100044,China)

Abstract:In modern economy,capital attracts more attention. There are so many scholars carrying out enormous research on capital from different angles. With the help of comparative analysis on traditional supply chain contract,taking bad loan ratio of China’s listed banks as the basis,by introducing risk factors and establishing surplus capital model,the author carries out research on the optimal coordination strategy for capital supply chain to cope with emergency. It is found that,in surplus capital contract,capital supply chain still has very strong robustness. When there are significant positive changes caused by emergency, the optimal capital price of the overall capital supply chain will decline first,and it will begin to rise while achieving a certain level. This testifies that,for capital involving risk,the price will decline with the increase of demand;when the price declines to a certain level,there will be huge bubble accumulated,which will lead to rising capital price and the caution of that. Besides, only when risk factors are maintained in a certain range,will capital suppliers and the overall capital supply chain have driving force for coordination.

Key words:risk factor;surplus capital model;capital supply chain;emergency

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