Research on Price and Cost Estimation of Transportation Market

——Taking Ten Provinces’Road Freight Markets in China as the Example

China Business and Market - - 第一页 - ZHAO Guang-hui1,2 (1.Guizhou University of Finance and Economics,Guiyang,Guizhou550025,China;2.the Rural Development Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Beijing100732,China)

Abstract:Road freight industry is the fundamental industry of national economic and social development;and it is also an important service industry. The road freight price index and the cost supervision is important for us to strengthen market supervision and transform the pattern of management. At present,influenced by historical and institutional factors,there are so many highlighted problems with China’s road freight market,such as the imbalanced supply and demand,the cutthroat competition,and the distorted price. Developing supervision on road freight price and cost,establishing the index system for this industry and releasing the average reasonable cost and price index will be helpful for us to guide the market main players to make scientific decision,improve the efficiency of resources distribution,lead the market main players to pursue high quality service, and transform from extensive operation to intensive development,which will in turn promote the transformation and upgrade of this industry. Based on this,the author designs a program for price and cost supervision,collects related data of ten provinces in China,and carries out analysis on this to find out the price index and the average reasonable cost of that,which can be used to provide reference for our country to work out the price index of this industry and measure the average reasonable cost.

Key words:road freight;price index;average reasonable cost;traffic service;public administration

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