Research on the Essence,Causes and Practice Trends of “New Retail”

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS MARKET - WANG Bao-yi1,2

(1.Shandong Jiaotong University,Jinan,Shandong250357,China;2.Shandong Agricultural University,Taian,


Abstract:Drove by such factors as IT,consumption upgrade and competition trend,China’s retail industry is facing new opportunity of transformation,namely the“new retail”with profound integration of“online + offline + logistics”.“New retail”is the return of the essence of retail;it is the comprehensive type of retail business that can better meet the consumers’ multidimensional and integrated requirement with all-channel and extensive type of retail business.“New retail”is also the result of reversed transmission of the pressure and the strategic behavior of e-businesses to obtain competitive advantages. In the“new retail”era,the offline entities are different from the traditional retail entities;the development and application of big data is the key of“new retail”,which will determine the basic pattern of“new retail”;and there are so many enterprises,such as Ali and Jingdong,have already become the pioneer. We should treat the“new retail”,the new emerging things,with the attitude of openness;the government should provide it with necessary policy environment;and the basic idea of cooperation and sharing should be highlighted,enriched and perfected in the development process of“new retail”.

Key words:“new retail”;multidimensional causes;online + offline + logistics;consumer experience

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