The Adaptability Study of the Expressway Scale and Regional Economic Development

——based on the Empirical Analysis of the Provincial Panel Data in China from 2001 to 2015

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS MARKET - JIA Rui-ning and XU Hai-cheng (Chang’an University,Xi’an,Shannxi710064,China)

Abstract:Expressway infrastructure remarkably promotes the regional economic growth;it cannot only promote local economic growth rate,but also has stronger spatial positive externality;and it cannot only improve the economic growth of neighbor regions through improving regional road transportation network,but also,with the help of spatial agglomeration effect, pull the economic growth of neighbor regions through stimulating local economic growth. According to the current situation of overall China,the scale of road infrastructure is not big enough;with the shortage of fiscal capital,we should adhere to the principle of“promoting the construction of road infrastructure by loan,and repaying the loan by toll collection”to promote the development of road,especially the expressway. However comparing to normal road,the scale of express way is excessive;and the adaptability between expressway and economic growth in different regions is significantly different. Specifically,the adaptability of that in Eastern regions is moderate;the adaptability of that in Central regions cannot meet the requirement of regional economic growth,and we should attract more social capital in the build of expressway;and in the Western regions,the scale of expressway seriously surpasses the regional economic growth,and we should transit our focus to the building of normal road.

Key words:Expressway;economic development;adaptability;spatial spillover;Space Dubin Model

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