Accounting Profit,Taxable Profit and Information Validity

(University of International Business and Economics,Beijing100029,China)

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Abstract:The difference between accounting profit and taxable profit is popular among China’s listed companies,and the trend of that is strengthening. Causes for that are not only because of the separation between accounting system and tax related law and regulations,but also because of the financial reports of these companies. According to the contract and performance of listed companies,taking A share listed companies from 2010 to 2016 as the sample,the authors analyze this difference by taking end controllers as the variable. It is found that:higher cost of financial report will lead to greater difference and worse quality of accounting information;higher percentage of stock held by management will lead to greater difference,and the level of top managers’income will have no significant impact on the difference;greater difference will lead to lower enterprise profit and reduce the validity of accounting information. With the gradually improved capital market,the disclosure of listed companies’ accounting information will be further regulated to guarantee the quality of accounting information;and the adoption of more mature pattern of corporate governance will promote the healthy development of China’s listed companies.

Key words:accounting profit;taxable profit;quality of accounting information;financial report cost

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