Research on the Influence Mechanism of Customer Value Propositions on Customer Value in Chinese O2O Markets

DENG Zhi-hong and LI Liang-yu (Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology,Shenzhen,Guangdong518172,China)

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS MARKET -

Abstract:In recent years,the O2O business model has been developed rapidly. It has been a new way for us to promote consumption. However,the O2O related research is still at the initial stage,and the customer value creation mechanism of the O2O model is not yet clear. Based on the questionnaire survey of Chinese O2O consumers,with the help of multiple regression analysis method,the author carries out an empirical test to reveal the influence path and mechanism of O2O value propositions on customer values. The empirical results show that:the O2O value propositions are the source of customer value;the three O2O value propositions,such as convenience,personalization and location,have different degrees of influence on the five customer values,such as social value,emotional value,functional value,epistemic value,and conditional value;convenience has a significant positive impact on all the five customer values;except the functional value,personalization has a significant positive impact on the other four customer values;and except the epistemic value,location has a significant positive impact on the other four customer values.

Key words:E-commerce;O2O;business model;value proposition;customer value;value creation

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